International Soccer Tour

Why is this beneficial for a young soccer player?

The 5 Most Powerful Benefits of an Overseas Soccer Tour:

  • Helps in Personality Building: Increased Self Reliance, Independent Decision Making, Discipline

  • Helps in Physical Endurance: Acclimatization, Exposure to different diet and time zones - which are extremely important in the training program of a soccer player to go international in future

  • International Experience: To play in a foreign country, in a world class football stadium and sports facilities is an experience that builds confidence in young players and can not be substituted by anything else

  • Knowledge is power: To be trained by international soccer coaches, to meet world famous soccer players, to watch them play live and upfront, to individually receive priceless tips on improving your soccer skills - gives young players the edge required to compete and win in the long term

  • Adventure: An overseas soccer trip with coaches and team mates as company is an adventure an young player will never forget. The thrill and joy of travelling to a foreign land, exposure to foreign culture, language, food just whets your appetite to take on more adventure. Makes a young player mentally stronger and prepared to take on life

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2012 Barcelona
2013 Madrid
2014 Amsterdam
2016 Germany
2018 Barcelona